We Believe in Community and Build for It

Thinking won't get you new business. We will.

At Leap Forward we design quality websites to spark interest in your products and services. Our websites are search engine friendly and load quickly to enhance user experience for your potential and existing customers. We additionally offer a variety of graphic design services including print collaterals and marketing materials. Although we specialize in designing websites for the hearing loss community based on our sister community site (DeafandHoH.com), our expertise will absolutely benefit any company looking for new website. That's what we do at Leap Forward web design, and we do it better than anyone else.

We've seen too many local angencies and design firms discuss numbers, marketing stradegies, and storytelling with words and dazzling pictures of employees in the workplace participating in fun activities. It may seem like a clever way to describe their personality, approach, an image but there's one major flaw: their portfolio pieces lack creativity. Do the designs look modern and trendy? Are they unique, or do they look similar to other designs on the internet? Creativity and high-end designs are ultimately what will draw your target audience to your website. And that's what really counts to get you new business.

Here at Leap Forward, we've learned that many small businesses are in need of a better website. Unfortunately, many of them end up spending significant portions of their budgets to hire an experienced company that really doesn't deliver the best results. Then, they're left with no choice but to settle for a sub-par webpage or to seek out a new marketing company.

"Leap Forward" simply means we'll take your preliminary design concept even further to deliver excellent results. We offer creative designs that will appear on your computer/mobile/tablet screen and printed pieces. Everything will fall into place and your business will not only be doing something right, but will also be doing it better than anyone else.